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Mind Mistress Linda

Greetings and Welcome to My Castle.
Oh, I suppose you want to know how I acquired this castle...
Now, don’t you?
Well, it all started with me hypnotizing women in online hypnosis chat rooms, for My own personal amusement...
Since it’;s so much fun, to make them into *New*, Sexier Women, Lesbians, bimbos, slaves, Mistresses, etc. Then one day, someone fooled Me by pretending to be a woman; And it was at that point that I realized; It was just as much fun, to hypnotize males into becoming sexy women.
Thus started a new career for Me and a small empire with the exclusive goal of making boys into seductive girls. Changing memories, sexual preference, habits and manner of speech. CDs came next so that girls could train themselves with a CD player; As there’s only one of Me.
to build an empire requires minions, no matter how much fun training can be. So, after meeting a unique male at a convention, who came babbling, about creams and herbs that could help health and feminize males into women, I had a thought...
(He wasn’t even a cross dresser then, mind you), just someone with knowledge and skills that I could put to use for My purposes. He was desperate for someone to listen to his wild claims, stories of experiments and empirical evidence, that proved that his potions worked. So by just being a good listener, I easily lured him to his room for a "deeper" conversation. And after this conversation...
He was left with a stack of CDs to listen to over the next 24 hours. Waking and changing to the CDs, according to the instruction sheet I left with him. But, by then he really wasn’t a “Him” anymore. He was a “Her”.
She was Mine.
My creature, living only to serve Me.
Then A few more hours of special, "deep conversation" for fine tuning her. She was sent back home to her lab. Desperate to make her body, totally womanly... Confirming the full effectiveness of her formulas. And hence, Alice, The Mad Scientist, was born.
Totally devoted to the cause of making boys into girls and women into lesbians, for My pleasure.
As for Dr.Natural, her former mentor, he is a another story and far more resistant than I anticipated. But equally useful in his expertise. It’s A shame he’s so resistant. Alice has to keep him locked up. But he’s still quite productive.
Please, do enjoy both My slaves as you peruse this site. Alice has assembled a number of items that will be sure to be of interest to "New" girls that visit MY Castle...

Miss Alice
"The Mad Scientist"

As previously outlined in Mistress’ Bio, Alice, the Mad Scientist, (formally a research Scientist), Master Herbalist, CTN & HPP in the private sector, has voluntarily given up her private practice to become Mind Mistresses’ Personal Alchemist, overseer of the Transformation Castle, & Moderator of Her club: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/hypnoticwishes
Her total devotion to Mistress & “The Cause” (L.I.C), and more importantly, the luring of her former colleague and the infamous Dr. Natural, to the Castle, has earned her the right to Sit on the coveted throne as: Mistress’ Red King.
You will find her endless “experiments” as unique as she is, quite pleasurable and most useful on your journey.
Enjoy Her!

Mistress Genie

While at a convention in Washington, Dr Natural engaged a beautiful young lady who was on crutches. She was having a chronic issue with her leg. One that the medical community deemed only repairable thru surgery. After a lengthy conversation with this young lady, he introduced her to Mistress Alice who immediately recognized her *Attributes* And her potential contributions to *The Cause*.
Having helped to heal her condition, Mistress Alice, required only a few short *Conversations* to convince her, that her *Talents* would be extremely useful in *Wonderland*, as well as to both Mind Mistress and Mistress Alice herself. It was for this purpose Mistress Genie was created. Presented as a gift to Mind Mistress, A true GG, to be indoctrinated for *The Cause*.
One who could provide her creative talents, As well as, be traditionally schooled in Hypnosis and Natural Medicine and to assist in the day-to-day operations of *The Castle*. Her insight from a GG perspective has helped many a girl in my AHW Chat Room. Her sexy, sweet disposition has earned her the coveted title of *Princess of The Castle*.
Enjoy her handiwork.

Dr. Natural

Which brings us to the infamous Dr.Natural, Mistress’ Personal Health Care Practitioner. A board certified Naturopath (ND), CTN, Columnist & MH as well as mentor to the Mad Scientist. Having been driven into seclusion for a number of years, for his outspoken views on the Allopathic Medical system, he was lured & captured by Alice and is still a work in progress.
He *IS* Quite the catch, although, quite the challenge. He is incredibly knowledgeable, with regards to the theoretical side of Natural Medicine. His ramblings are bizarre, but brilliant. His results empirical, but undeniable. Also his bedside manners are non-existent, but he is genius all the same.
A true diamond in the rough, extremely opinionated... and quite the challenge. Balancing the need to teach him compliance, while not altering his vast knowledge, he has been quite a chore. But as his resistance slowly fades, he will eventually become, a very useful member of the community. His take on health issues the medical community deems untouchable, as well as his theories on “Natural Transformations” are quite unique. His theories have been the driving force behind many of Alice’s “Inventions”. I am sure you will find his philosophy on health & beauty, to be quite enlightening.
His mantra is, "There has never been an incurable disease that has not been cured at least a dozen times." Including ALL the big ones." And best of all... He believes it.

Mz Sharlene

What to say...
Every Queendom needs a techno wizard and if you check out her amazing *Flash Training Files* at http://www.mzsharlenetranzrealm.com/links.html, you can understand why Mistress Alice was eager to *Talk* with Mz Sharlene. It didn’t take long, (it rarely does), for Alice to convince her, that the Queen and her girls would greatly *Appreciate* her services.
An Amazing Web Mistress, a persuasive Hypnodomme, and an enchanting succubus in her own right. She has voluntarily *Agreed* to avail her services to *The Cause*. Now I can’t be certain if it was Alice’s persuasive manner, or her unwavering admiration and devotion to Mind Mistress or her affinity to *Girl Juice* or perhaps it’s all of the above, that convinced Mz Sharlene to stay... But she is now here at *The Castle*. Come play with one of my newest *Pets*

Miss Jazz

A boy from the mailroom had gone into the Cellar to check on the inventory of some products with his laptop in hand. The door jam he used to hold the door open slipped and he accidentally got locked in! He tried for hours to pound on the door and cry for help, but the castle walls are thick. Days went by and no one had come to his aid. He was feeling hungry and desperate. Not wanting to starve to death, he resorted to drinking Girl Juice for nutrition. It was cold in that cellar and as not to freeze to death, he started to try on the new stock of clothing that had arrived recently. That was good, but thigh-high boots weren’t enough to keep the warmth in. So he decided to rub the warming Orgasmic Breast Cream on his chest. This did the trick. ‘Any day now, someone will find me’ he thought to himself. But meanwhile he was getting bored. So he decided to keep to his favorite pastime of listening to CDs and programming. He had decided to remake the Girls-R-Us web site. And unfortunately he didn’t have any of his own CDs with him. He decided to break open the stock of Mind Mistress’s Hypnosis CDs.
Time passed. Days became weeks. Weeks became months. And then after three months of living in captivity, the door to the Cellar opened up again! But it was too late. After all that time, the young man had succumbed to his fate. He was no more a ‘he’, but he was now a she…. Jazz had immerged from the cellar that day. Fully feminized and reborn to what she was destined to be.
Mind Mistress was pleased…

"Can’t Find A Decent Alias"

When Mind Mistress needed someone to help her design Her Castle, she *Knew* just the right person for the job... After viewing his Erotic Hypno-Smoking, Male Dominant, Female Dominant and "Turn The Tables" photographic manipulations. She knew it would take her *SPECIAL Talent* to reach across the ocean And *Convince* Can’tFindADecentAlias (or Mr. Alias). He *Was* the right person and Lured him into Her ever expanding Web. The well renowned Internet artist who has been so influential and well accepted in the Mind Control community, has been helping Mind Mistress, Miss Alice and Dr. Natural with the site, since its conception and is responsible for the now infamous Castle Rendition on the site. In return for such faithful service and *Devotion*, Mind Mistress has rewarded Mr. Alias a place in her Queendom. This will allow her devoted slaves, followers & minions the opportunity to avail themselves of his Artwork & CD-Roms; Chocked full of hypnotic & erotic mind control images, for personal *PLEASURE*...
I just *Know* that you will Just Love his Work....